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The Lodge was recommended by The New York Times for "privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery."

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Honduras was recommended by CNN as a place to Travel in 2016. "Honduras, in the heart of Central America, has long been a safely enjoyed travel destination."

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Mayan Ruins

Considered the Athens of the Mayan world.

The archeological site of Copán is one of the most important ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization due to the exquisite detail of its carved stellae and well-preserved temples.

These ruins have been the subject of much international attention with discoveries of hidden tombs and buildings buried by the Mayans.

Numerous smaller archeological sites and the new Copán Sculpture Museum round out a visit by our guests to this part of Honduras.

The Lodge & Spa at Pico Bonito offers a two-night excursion for guests with a little extra vacation time. Beginning at San Pedro Sula International Airport, The Lodge provides private transfer to Copan, two nights including breakfast in one of Copan's finest hotels and a full day of touring the ruins with a personal guide.

Two-night excursion to Copan - $650 per person

(*2 person minimum)

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