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The Lodge was recommended by The New York Times for "privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery."

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Honduras was recommended by CNN as a place to Travel in 2016. "Honduras, in the heart of Central America, has long been a safely enjoyed travel destination."

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Night Hike

Search for nocturnal reptiles and amphibians guided by flashlights and the experienced eyes of your guide.

This nocturnal adventure teaches you about animals that hide by day and roam by night. The trip starts by setting up an insect attracting light on the first observation tower. Then guests head off on the trail to the moist gallery forest along the Coloradito River for a two-hour hike before returning to the observation tower to see what the insect light has attracted.

Although nothing is guaranteed in nature, it is common to see tree frogs, kinkajous, numerous species of bats and possums as well as a veritable potpourri of beetles and moths under a nightlight.

Rainforest Night Hike - $25 per person

01 nighthike

02 nighthike