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The Lodge was recommended by The New York Times for "privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery."

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Honduras was recommended by CNN as a place to Travel in 2016. "Honduras, in the heart of Central America, has long been a safely enjoyed travel destination."

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Rural Village Tour

Rarely experienced by tourists, The Lodge & Spa at Pico Bonito has developed a unique and educational excursion into rural Honduras.

Guests are accompanied by a member from the La Ceiba-based Adelante Foundation. The Adelante Foundation provides "micro-credit" loans to poor villagers, mostly women, who never before had access to credit. These villagers use the money to start their own businesses. Over time many can work their way out of poverty.

Guests attend an "Assembly" which is where 30 - 50 Adelante borrowers meet to learn new business skills and important health or nutrition information. Often you have an opportunity to stop by one of businesses to discuss the borrower's life of struggles and opportunities.

Their courage and warmth are inspirational and you will come away optimistic that poverty can be overcome.

A portion of the proceeds from this activity goes to the Adelante Foundation, a U.S. registered non-profit foundation.

Rural village tour with Adelante Foundation - $75 per person

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