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The Lodge was recommended by The New York Times for "privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery."

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Honduras was recommended by CNN as a place to Travel in 2016. "Honduras, in the heart of Central America, has long been a safely enjoyed travel destination."

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Lovely Cotinga

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Revered by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs, the feathers of the Lovely Cotinga were given as gifts to their leaders.

You can travel to Central America for years looking for the Lovely Cotinga and never see a single one of these exquisite, electric-blue birds ... or you can come to The Lodge at Pico Bonito and quite possibly see several before breakfast on one of our Honduras birding excursions.

The Lovely Cotinga is incredible to behold and looks like a shining blue light bulb in the tree-tops.

Throughout its range, the bird is seen rarely and almost never in numbers. Here at The Lodge, at all times of the year the Lovely Cotinga can be common. During the winter months beginning in December, sightings can be made of multiple males frequently with a shy female nearby.